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ROM DarkyROM v11.0 Black Edition [Android 4.0.4 ICS]

Discussion in 'Galaxy S I9000 ROMs' started by HDTechVideo, Jul 3, 2012.

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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    Original Post
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    Based on Android 4.0.4 AOSP
    Extras from CM9, AOKP and Slim
    Clean stock Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich theme
    Fast & responsive user interface
    Long lasting battery life [tested]
    Fast & reliable GPS
    BLN support [backlight notifications]
    Voodoo Sound [for much better sound]
    T9 Dialer
    Extended statusbar toggles
    Smooth Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher
    Google Apps
    Fully rooted
    Galaxy S III ringtones, SMS and alarm sounds
    Easy & fast install engine

    If you're coming from a Froyo (Android 2.2) or Gingerbread (2.3) ROM, follow these steps;
    1. Have your phone rooted with CWM
    2. Make a NANDROID backup & Titanium backup & backup anything you need or find important on a PC
    3. Download the latest CM9 (nightly) & download DarkyROM v11
    4. Put both ROMs on your INTERNAL SD card
    5. Enter Recovery by switching off the phone, and holding the 3 button combo (VOL UP + Home + POWER)
    6. Once in recovery, flash the latest CM9 (nightly)
    7. As it's trying to flash, it will get into a bootloop - so re-enter recovery (by either holding: VOL UP + HOME + POWER, until it reboots, OR by pulling the battery, then entering it)
    8. Once back in CWM, re-flash CM9 - however this time it will not bootloop, and fully install
    9. Reboot phone
    10. Once the phone has booted into CM9 (give it a good 5mins to boot) - Re-enter recovery, by holding the power button, which will then give you the option to go straight into recovery via the extended power menu on CM9
    11. In CWM Recovery "wipe data / factory reset" and "wipe cache" and in "advanced" wipe dalvik-cache"
    12. Go to "Mounts and storage" and mount all availaible partitions (like /sdcard) -> Don't worry if you can't mount "emmc", it's just the external sd-card
    13. Flash DarkyROM v11.0 Black Edition
    14. Reboot (give it again 5mins to boot)
    15. Enjoy!

    If you're coming from any other ICS ROM (or upgrading from DarkyROM v11.0), follow these steps;
    1. Go to the CWM Recovery (Press Volume Up + Home + Power when phone is switched off)
    2. and "wipe cache" and "advanced >> wipe dalvik-cache"
    3. Go to "Mounts and storage" and mount all availaible partitions (like /sdcard)
    4. Don't worry if you can't mount "emmc", it's just the external sd-card
    5. Flash DarkyROM v11.0 Black Edition
    6. Reboot
    001.png 002.png 003.png 004.png

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    paolo2d26 Member

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    wow.darkyrom is this for i9000? have you tried it?? :)
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    I'm using it for the last few weeks.. Those are beta releases. Yesterday only darkyy released the full version.. :)
    Yes it is for I9000. You can easly identify the ROMs or MODs belong to which Mobile from here ..Once you open the thread check the top of the page...see the pic
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    slaj76 New Member

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    (I'm on ics) My baseband version i9000xxjvu can i flash this rom?
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    Why not.. :)
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    ultimatenoob Active Member

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    nobody says thankyou anymore hd do they:mad::cool::D
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    Pittbul New Member

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    Having issues with the wifi hotspot on this rom.. turns on and then off immediately... otherwise not bad.. also wish i could get the voice search app similar to the one on CM9.. works better than the one this rom takes u to on google play store
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    Im not facing any problem with the wifi. Did you install after a full wipe?
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    blue New Member

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    started using it a few minutes ago. everything seems ok. in my oppinion u guys are the best :) just one little thingy: how come i can't see external card listed in OI File Manager?
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    Pittbul New Member

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    Its listed as emmc not external card
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    Pittbul New Member

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    I did install after a full wipe.. maybe its because i personalized the configuration or something
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    mhar New Member

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    ohh know!! the simtoolkit is not working i try to balance but no respons
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    Cypher Moderator here to help you

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    hi mate have you checked in semaphore manager cos you have to turn on the web filters first before using the AP mode ect
    hope this helps
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    mazari New Member

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    thanks very nice work
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    jordo81 New Member

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    Awesome Job Thank you
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    Cypher Moderator here to help you

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    Lol nice to see people saying thanks XD
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    Pittbul New Member

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    Thanks man, turning on netfilters did the trick.. hotspot works.. never thought of messing with those settings (new to semaphore)
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    Cypher Moderator here to help you

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    No probs glad it helped and how you like the new ROM and kernel and no worries jelly bean is already on the way lol
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    ultimatenoob Active Member

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    if you like what he helped you with hit the like button;):D
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    rahrul New Member

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    having issue when i install rom after installing phone starts but the display is showing dark blue everything is looking blue blue sorry for my english please help me or i go to stock rom bcoz i have done this process many times but the problem is not rectifying but when i install again gingerbread it seems again good no blue display problem please help me bcoz i love ics rom more than gingerbread

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