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GUIDE How to Root and Install CWM Recovery in Samsung Galaxy S3 [GT-I9300]

Discussion in 'Galaxy S3 I9300 General' started by HDTechVideo, Jun 1, 2012.

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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    1. Download Odin3 and CF-Root-SGS3-vxx.zip
    2. Power off your phone
    3. Boot into download mod (Press vol down + Home + Power on)
    4. Unzip CF-Root-SGS3-vxx.zip. You need to end up with a .tar file, dont extract .tar file.
    5. Open Odin
    6. Select PDA as CF-Root-SGS3-vxx.tar
    7. Connect the phone to your computer
    8. Make sure that re-partition is not ticked
    9. Click Start Button
    10. Wait for phone to reboot.

    Now you successfully installed CWM + Super User + CWM Manager.

    Superuser Features
    Superuser access prompt
    Superuser access logging
    Superuser access notifications
    Per-app notification configuration
    Temporary unroot
    Deep process detection (no more unknowns)
    Works in recovery (no more segfaulting)
    Works when Android isn't properly booted
    Works with non-standard shell locations
    Trusts ADB connection
    Always runs in ghost mode
    Wake on prompt

    How to uninstall
    This is by no means an extensive guide for unrooting, but if you want to sell or warranty your device, I advise the following procedure:

    1. Use Triangle Away to reset the flash counters, and pull the battery immediately after rebooting starts
    2. Go to Please Login or Register(Confirm your Email) to view links and get the stock firmware for your region
    3. Boot into recovery and perform a full wipe (Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik)
    4. Remove the battery, and put it back
    5. Boot into Download mode (Vol Down + Home + Power on)
    6. Flash that stock firmware on your device using odin (Dont know how to use odin - Go Please Login or Register(Confirm your Email) to view links)
    7. Let Android boot, go through device setup (without doing any logins) until Android is fully usable again
    8. Reboot
    9. Wait at least 10 minutes
    10. Check Settings->About device->Status and make sure Device status is not "Modified"
    11. Perform another factory reset
    12. Boot into download mode and make sure the flash counter and system status are all set to official
    Please Login or Register(Confirm your Email) to view links
    Please Login or Register(Confirm your Email) to view links
    Please Login or Register(Confirm your Email) to view links

    Please Login or Register(Confirm your Email) to view links
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    Dan-D New Member

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    Yangon, Burma
    Hey man, Can I use this method on all(any) brand new Galaxy s3?
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    Yes you can use it on any brand new GT-I9300 international versions (Dont try it with locked versions).
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    Dan-D New Member

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    Yangon, Burma
    THx,man. BTW, what is locked version?
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    Dan-D New Member

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    Yangon, Burma
    Hi, admin.
    I have s3 with
    baseband version:I9300DXLE8
    Build number:IMM76D.I9300XXALE8

    Can i root using this?
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    Dan-D New Member

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    Yangon, Burma
    Oops!! I forgot to tick "F.Reset Time" but my device is working fine. Root checker tool shows "You have root access but Superuser application not installed" while I have the superuser app.

    Do I need to reinstall or do something??
    Suggest me plz...
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    You can follow the above method one more time.. There is nothing to loose.. :) You will get superuser + CWM application..
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    alejandro New Member

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    Firmware for Mexico?????
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    It is for I9300 international versions. I'm not sure about American versions.
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    davidvooo New Member

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    Taichung, Taiwan
    How to Unroot it?
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    See the second part. How to uninstall.
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    Tam Murney New Member

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    By locked do you mean to a specific network carrier
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    Yes :).
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    Tam Murney New Member

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    DO you know which FW i should use for Un-Branded Uk
  15. Offline

    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    First you have to unlock it..
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    Tam Murney New Member

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    Thanks for help got un branded stock firmware from sammobile flashed with odin then CFRoot worked 1st time no need to unlock. BTW love the site
  17. Offline

    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    Is it working without unlock...That is new for me...:)
    You can download the unbranded firmware from here too
    Please Login or Register(Confirm your Email) to view links
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    Tam Murney New Member

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    Yes also worked on my three branded i9000 both now accept other netork carriers now running omega ics
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    assouka New Member

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    hii pls i doesnt work for me i did everthing but once with odin i put pda''uk'' but it failed
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    PDA UK ??? Please explain exactly in which step you are getting the error?

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