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WALLPAPER Live Wallpaper from Galaxy S II with day/night and weather animations

Discussion in 'Galaxy S I9000 Themes & Apps' started by HDTechVideo, Jan 23, 2012.

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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    Install like a normal apk.

    1.png 2.png
    3.png 4.png

    7.png 8.png
    5.png 6.png

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    ultimatenoob Active Member

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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    Yes it will work..:)
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    ultimatenoob Active Member

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    thanks for the quick reply
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    mazari New Member

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    Yes Very Goood
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    Vincent Liang New Member

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    Thank you.
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    perpsley New Member

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    Doesn't work. Where's the .apk
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    Check the download link
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    camaro92 New Member

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    links are broken fyi
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    HDTechVideo Administrator

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    Both links are working without any problem... :)
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    Presley Hurnungee New Member

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    NSR New Member

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    Link not working ..!!!! Any other links please .
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    >sk< New Member

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    upload new link bro.........:(
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    >sk< New Member

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    new link bro
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